Abdominoplasty is recommended for individuals at a stable, healthy weight who are concerned about sagging belly skin, excess fat in the midsection, and separated six-pack muscles. The surgery can help offset physical changes that result from the aging process, pregnancy, or massive weight loss.

It’s important that anyone undergoing a tummy tuck has realistic expectations for their results based on their private consultation with their plastic surgeon. One of the most common questions patients have for their doctors is whether their pant size will change after the procedure. Below we will discuss the implications of a tummy tuck and how the treatment can affect your wardrobe.

Who Qualifies for a Tummy Tuck?

Since a tummy tuck is not a method for losing weight, patients need to be at a stable weight before the surgery. They also need to have maintained that healthy weight for at least six months. Those who follow a healthy diet and exercise regimen but who have not seen adequate changes in their stomach will strongly benefit from the procedure. After surgery, patients need to avoid weight fluctuations that might interfere with their cosmetic results.

During your consultation, your provider will investigate whether you are mentally and physically healthy enough to undergo a surgical procedure. You will undergo medical tests to make sure you are free from any uncontrolled medical concerns such as hypertension or bleeding disorders.

Changing Pant Sizes After Abdominoplasty

While losing weight is not recommended after a tummy tuck, dropping a size or two in pant size is a separate issue. Most patients typically purchase oversized clothing to hide their stomachs before surgery. Since the tummy will be flat and toned after abdominoplasty, patients can enjoy clothes that actually fit for once. They may even drop down a few sizes after the surgery due to improved definition and reshaping in the midsection. Additionally, patients may experience enhanced motivation to work out and eat better after seeing the amazing results of a tummy tuck.

Adding Liposuction to Your Tummy Tuck

For those who really want to experience a transformation, liposuction can exponentially enhance the results of a tummy tuck and allow the patient to drop several sizes in clothing. Liposuction can remove stubborn, unwanted fat that does not respond to workouts at the gym or a change in diet. The procedure allows the surgeon to not only adjust the belly but to actually sculpt the physique you desire. During your consultation, you and the doctor will confer on your treatment plan and make sure that it reaches your goals.

Managing Expectations

When undergoing a tummy tuck, it’s important to know that the results can take 6-9 months to reveal themselves. Bruising and swelling after surgery can obscure the flattened abdominal contours and make you question whether the procedure actually had an effect. Wearing a compression garment can help reduce swelling and keep your newly sculpted contours intact.

What is the Takeaway?

While a tummy tuck is categorically not a method for losing weight, it can be an excellent procedure for reshaping the midsection and achieving the slim, flat, toned tummy of your dreams. A side effect of the surgery is usually a better fit in clothing, allowing the patient to choose pants that hug the figure instead of obscuring it. By adding liposuction, your plastic surgeon can remove excess fat, further reducing your waist size and allowing for the potential of a smaller pant size.

As with any cosmetic procedure, it’s important to have realistic expectations and to factor in the recovery process, understanding that full results after abdominoplasty may not be evident for up to 9 months due to swelling and bruising.

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