Choosing Your Cosmetic Surgeon: Key Factors for Confident Decision-Making

If you feel that cosmetic surgery may be the right path for you, choosing a plastic surgeon can be one of the more significant decisions you will make in your life. Picking the best surgeon for your procedure will give you the confidence that you will gain the results you desire. By choosing the wrong surgeon, it can result in lost time, money, a procedure that may even have to be redone, or having to undergo reconstructive surgery later on. Here are some of the key factors you should be aware of:

  • Board certification
  • Experience with your exact procedure
  • Aesthetics
  • An emotional connection
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Board Certification

Many people believe that when a surgeon is board certified it means the cosmetic surgeon has been certified with a state or federal agency to perform the procedure you are looking to have done. This is not actually the case. It is not required of your doctor to be certified in any one specific procedure. That is why the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery has set the bar so high in regard to cosmetic surgeon certification, when it comes to training, expertise and ethical practice in this particular field of medicine. Dr. Repta takes immense satisfaction in being a board certified plastic surgeon. As such, Dr. Repta knows, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that you are receiving the pinnacle of cosmetic treatment when you visit his cosmetic surgery facility, here in Scottsdale.


Another helpful tip for you, when trying to choose the best possible plastic surgeon, is to ask about their personal experience with the procedure you are interested in. As there are so many varieties of cosmetic surgery, it is important to have that security in knowing that your doctor has the hands-on experience and know-how for your exclusive surgery. Dr. Repta has performed hundreds of successful body contouring procedures. He has also helped to develop new innovations in the surgical world of body contouring, which his peers can use and learn from. This is an excellent display of his unparalleled knowledge and skill in the field of cosmetic surgery.


Beauty and aesthetics are an extraordinarily personalized opinion. What looks pleasing to one person may not hold true for another. All cosmetic surgeries are highly individual processes, and you have an exact look you are seeking to behold. It is vital that you and your surgeon have an understanding and agree on what you believe to be beautiful. Dr. Repta has been performing an array of plastic surgery procedures for years. Through the benefits of experience, skill, education and expertise grants Dr. Repta with an enlightened and fully formed concept of aesthetic beauty, which is matched only by his ability to give you the figure you desire.

Emotional Connection

It is very important that you and your surgeon can share an understanding of what you're looking to gain from the procedure, as well as an emotional connection. Surgery is a uniquely personal experience, and you should feel completely comfortable about communicating anything you may have on your mind, during the process. Not to mention, it helps to enjoy the time you're spending with your doctor. This emotional connection will undoubtedly be one of the first impressions you receive, when coming in for your consultation with Dr. Repta.

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To be able to accurately decide on the most suitable plastic surgeon, we encourage you to schedule a private consultation with Dr. Repta. During your consultation, Dr. Repta will carefully listen to your personal goals for cosmetic improvement, ensuring he understands your needs and inclinations in relation to your body. He will then examine the discussed areas of your body to determine what exactly is occurring anatomically. By doing so, he is able to establish his professional opinion, regarding the best possible route to your perfected form. Dr. Repta views plastic surgery as a collaborative effort. Therefore, he shall be sure to guide you every single step of the way, to ensure you are an intimate part of the process. The two of you will work as a team to determine the best course of treatment for your individual needs. If you would like to know more about your Scottsdale abdominoplasty options, request a consultation online. Or if you prefer, you are welcome to call the office at 855-377-3782 and one of our staff members will be happy to assist you.

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