Pre-Surgery Preparation: Your Role in Ensuring a Smooth Procedure with Dr. Repta

Dr. Repta will make sure that you are clear about your responsibilities in the days leading up to your surgery. Being that each procedure has its own risks and side effects, knowing your responsibilities and following these steps will help reduce any side effects that may occur. Once you have decided on what cosmetic route to take, Dr. Repta will come up with a surgical plan, which he will follow with extreme detail to ensure your surgery and your physical aspirations are achieved. While Dr. Repta will handle everything on the day of your procedure, your job is to follow the requested precautions and rules, leading up to your surgery.

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A week before your procedure

As the date of your procedure approaches, this is an excellent time to start coordinating with friends, family and caregivers to establish a form of transportation to and from your procedure, and that you have proper help once you've returned home to begin your recovery. At this time, you should make sure you have an ample supply of any prescription medication that will be needed after your surgery. Your home should be stocked with nutritious and easily assembled food. Though it seems small, this will tremendously help in a smooth and comfortable recovery. Also be sure that you have a comfortable recliner, or plenty of pillows so that you can sleep in a semi-upright position.

Two days before your procedure

Once you have secured everything you will need for your surgery, it is time to start eating smaller, lighter meals and decreasing the amount of alcohol you consume. You should also make a point to get as much rest as possible, so that you arrive strong and well rested for you procedure. This is a good time to address any questions you may still be sitting on, concerning your procedure. It is important that you are in a peaceful state of mind regarding your surgery, as it will help you stay rested and relaxed.

The day and night before your procedure

Make sure that your bowel movements are normal, as this will help prevent any constipation or discomfort, following your surgery. Be sure to drink lots of water prior to going to bed, as you will not be allowed to drink or eat anything after midnight. This will reduce the risks of complications during your procedure. Also make sure you get plenty of sleep.

The day of your procedure

You have done everything required of you at this point to insure your procedure is well taken care of. Now it is time to start thinking positively about your procedure, and the fantastic results you are about to gain. Remember not to eat or drink any liquids before your surgery. You will want to either bring wear or bring comfortable clothing.

After your surgery, it is essential that you drink plenty of water and walk around periodically, keeping your waist partially engaged. This will help maintain flexibility and promote a smooth recovery period. Remember to periodically empty any drains you've been given, and to keep the abdominal binder low and snug.

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Dr. Repta will have a follow-up appointment scheduled a few days after your surgery. This is a routine step, to make absolutely certain you on your way to a comfortable recovery. He will make any needed adjustments at this time. From the time of your consultation to the successful completion of your procedure, Dr. Repta will be available answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding your surgery and recovery.

Dr. Repta takes great care to ensure your entire procedure is a comfortable and memorable experience. Dr. Repta acknowledges that having cosmetic surgery is an extremely personal experience, and loves hearing from his patients about their personal successes.

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