Enhancing Your Look and Turning Back the Clock

Each of these procedures requires a very high level of skill to ensure the result is a balanced and aesthetically beautiful face. Mistakes are impossible to hide on the face, which is why Dr. Repta has earned a reputation for providing exquisite, long-lasting results that continue to improve with time. While facial plastic surgery will not stop the aging process, it will turn back the clock by tightening facial muscles and lifting them to their youthful position. Dr. Repta’s goal is to provide his patients with top-tier plastic surgery results that restore and augment facial symmetry and balance.

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Facial Procedures We Offer

When you visit Dr. Repta for your initial consultation, he’ll learn about your cosmetic goals and get to know the facial issues that you’re most interested in addressing. He can explain the benefits and results that come along with each procedure, helping you feel confident that you’re choosing the procedure that’s right for you.

Among the most frequently done facial procedures are included:

  • Rhinoplasty
  • Facelift
  • Eyelid surgery
  • Brow lift
  • Neck lift


Each year hundreds of thousands of people have rhinoplasty surgery. Also known as a nose job, rhinoplasty is most frequently done to bring the most prominent feature of the face into balance with the rest of the features. Rhinoplasty is accomplished in millimeters of change and, as such, requires a highly discerning artistic eye as well as a high level of surgical skill. Profound differences in appearance can be accomplished by slightly altering the angle of the nose to the upper lip or refining the tip.

Function is another aspect of rhinoplasty that must be considered when planning surgery. Often there is a functional problem that can easily be corrected during the procedure, thus providing added value in terms of ease of breathing or treating other problems. Whether you wish to have a nose that is more in proportion to your other features or have had an injury to your nose that is causing breathing problems, Dr. Repta can help you with your decision by providing a wealth of information, before and after photos of others with similar problems and a compassionate ear during consultations.


As we age, the muscles in the face sag and lose their ability to animate our expression the way they should. Facial skin loses elasticity and volume, creating hollows in the cheeks, deep lines and wrinkles, and an overall expression of fatigue and even depression.

Facelift surgery addresses the region of the face from the cheekbones down to the jawline and includes the neck. Dr. Repta’s facelift patients can look forward to seeing a more youthful and animated version of themselves when they look in the mirror a few weeks after receiving his world-class facelift.

His incision placement and his gentle technique for lifting and tightening facial muscles combine to produce the best facelifts Scottsdale can provide. People who work in highly competitive industries, celebrities, and models are among the many people who count themselves lucky to have discovered a talented surgeon practicing close to home.

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Eyelid Surgery

Many patients begin their rejuvenation journey by having eyelid surgery. This surgery corrects the pouches that form under the eye, as well as puffiness and sagging eyelids that age us. Excess skin in the eyelid creates a tired and heavy appearance and can interfere with peripheral vision making driving and reading difficult. Performing this delicate surgery involves removing fatty deposits in the eyelids and under the eyes as well as removing the excess skin that is interfering with vision and causing a tired appearance. Dr. Repta uses internal incisions in the bottom eyelid to correct the puffiness without creating an external scar.

On the upper eye, incisions are placed in the natural crease in the lids, hiding the scar and creating a beautiful rejuvenated appearance. Additionally, if a facelift is being performed, eyelid surgery can be done simultaneously so that patients only have to recover from one surgery.

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Brow Lift

Do you have deep furrows across your forehead or vertical lines between your eyebrows? If so, you may have noticed these lines can give the false impression that you are angry or constantly annoyed when your face is at rest. The simple answer to this is a brow lift. This is a procedure designed to lift the forehead, which accomplishes several goals. The horizontal lines across the forehead are minimized, as well as the vertical lines between the eyebrows. 

The eyebrows are lifted, which lifts the eyelids reducing the hooding that occurs from excess skin on the lids. Crow’s feet and fine lines are also reduced, producing an overall lifted look which immediately restores normal expression produced by the raised position of the eyebrows. A brow lift can sometimes eliminate the need for eyelid surgery if the only reason for eyelid surgery is to eliminate sag over the upper lids. A brow lift can also be done simultaneously with other facial procedures. Dr. Repta will help you develop an overall plan should you have several areas of the face that you wish to rejuvenate.

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Neck Lift

Often the neck ages prematurely due to exposure to sun and weather or due to heredity or even stress. For patients who do not need a facelift yet have sagging and excess skin in the neck, a neck lift can be done to bring the neck into harmony with the rest of the face. Excess skin and fat in the lower face create the appearance of jowls and fatty deposits under the chin, giving the impression of being overweight, even when the patient is slim.

A neck lift will address these problems, as well as the “turkey wattle” that forms just under the chin. During a neck lift, Dr. Repta will address the issues that are unique to you, which may include removing excess skin, liposuction under the chin to remove excess fat, and tightening and lifting neck muscles. Incisions for this procedure are well hidden under the chin or behind the ears so his patients can enjoy their youthful neck in a few short weeks.

Your Facial Rejuvenation Plan

Most patients have several areas of the face that need to be addressed. Dr. Repta has performed thousands of facial procedures and can help you plan your procedures so that you combine any that are safe to do so. For more information Dr. Repta has a website devoted to facial and other procedures that contains a wealth of information. It can be accessed here: www.drrepta.com. The best way of determining your unique route to regaining your youthful look is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Repta. He will listen carefully to your goals and desires and help you plan your unique path.

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Face FAQ

Will there be visible scarring after facial plastic surgery?

Can facial plastic surgery be combined with other procedures?

Is facial plastic surgery covered by insurance?

Can men undergo facial plastic surgery?

What is the difference between a facelift and a neck lift?

Will there be visible scarring after facial plastic surgery?

Scarring depends on the procedure and surgical techniques used. Skilled surgeons aim to minimize visible scarring, often placing incisions in inconspicuous locations.

Can facial plastic surgery be combined with other procedures?

Yes, many patients choose to combine facial plastic surgery with other procedures, such as neck lifts, liposuction, or dermal fillers, for comprehensive rejuvenation.

Is facial plastic surgery covered by insurance?

Facial plastic surgery is typically considered elective and cosmetic, so it is not covered by insurance. Exceptions may exist for procedures with a medical necessity, such as reconstructive surgery.

Can men undergo facial plastic surgery?

Absolutely, facial plastic surgery is not limited by gender. Many men choose these procedures to achieve a more youthful or balanced appearance.

What is the difference between a facelift and a neck lift?

A facelift primarily addresses the lower two-thirds of the face, while a neck lift focuses on the neck and jawline, often used in combination for comprehensive facial rejuvenation.

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