As powerful as the result of a tummy tuck can be poor planning, poor decisions, or just plain bad luck can end up in a less than stellar tummy tuck outcome.  To understand how to prevent or correct unfavorable tummy tuck results lets take a look at what tummy tuck issues can occur.

I like to think of tummy tuck issues as belonging to either “minor tummy tuck revision issues ” or “major tummy tuck revision issues”.  Its not that the minor tummy tuck issues are not important, rather minor tummy tuck issues can be corrected through small refining procedures while major tummy tuck issues often require a full re-do of the tummy tuck.

Minor tummy tuck revision issues

Tummy tuck dog-ears:  This occurs when excess skin is present at the ends of the incision.   It almost looks a small “dog-ear”.  This can be avoided by the tummy tuck design.  Correction of tummy tuck dog-ears can be performed under local anesthesia.  The excess skin is removed and sutured.  Downtime and discomfort are minimal.

Belly button shape/scar:  Small belly button issues can occur through bad healing or through design flaws.  Most belly button issues can be corrected under local anesthesia.  Larger belly button issues sometimes require a full tummy tuck revision for optimal result.

Excess fat/poor contour:  This may be the easiest issue to address.  Residual excess fat can be thinned via liposuction.  Small areas of liposuction can be performed under local anesthesia.  Larger liposuction revisions should be performed under IV sedation.

Major tummy tuck revision issues

Poor or no muscle tightening:  If the abdominal wall was either not tightened or insufficiently tightened, the side profile of the abdomen can remain curved.  Abdominal wall tightening requires a full tummy tuck revision since the abdominal wall needs to be addressed from the rib cage to the pubic bone.

Horizontal scar that is too high:  A scar that is too high may either be lowered by removing some of the skin below the scar to help pull the final scar position down or through a full tummy tuck revision to free up the tissues above the scar and belly button.

Large wound healing issues:  Large wound healing issues may result in wounds and scars that will have to be repaired.  This may occur because of blood flow problems or because of healing issues related to the patients health.  Full tummy tuck revision may be needed to allow removal of these areas.

Pseudobursa:  A pseudobursa is essentially two layers of scar tissue that has formed around a seroma fluid collection.  A small pseudobursa can be managed with liposuction but most require removal.  If the pseudobursa is located near the incision then a small tummy tuck revision will suffice.  A large pseudobursa will often benefit from a full tummy tuck revision for complete removal and correction.

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