Hello Cookie,

I am sorry to hear about your tummy tuck results and the issues you have been experiencing.  My suspicion is that you do have a pseudobursa which is as you know a pocket of scar tissue.  It is true that you do not likely have a seroma this far out but a pseduobursa as a result of a seroma is certainly a possibility.  I have not tried steroid injections and I do not believe that it is a wise choice since the steroid injection would likely be placed mainly within the fat layer.  The chance of blindly placing the steroid injection uniformly within the pseudobursa is fairly low if not zero.  Steroid injections within the fat layer will lead to fat atrophy and more scar tissue.  Although it is unfortunate regarding the cost and downtime associated with performing a full tummy tuck revision to remove the pseudobursa and its cause, it is likely to be the only thing that truly addresses the issue.

I hope this helps.

All the best,

Dr. Remus Repta


Q:  Cookie said…
I may well have a pseudobursa. My TT doctor told me it was nothing and to go home and do some situps. It actually is painful to the touch! My daughter broached the subject of steroid injection vs. surgery. Why is this not an option? Likely, if I even considered having my TT doctor remove the pseudobursa, the cost would be the same as the original TT. He also said that it is unlikely after 2 years, it could be just a seroma, although I can literally feel something sloshing around when I put my jogging belt on. Swelling below the belly button above where I used to be able to find my pubic bone is fairly large also. So, in an effort to pull my waist in with a TT, my waist is actually larger! I am quite active, am 5 ft. 3″ and weigh about 126. I am not obese by far. None of this makes sense to me but I am so reluctant to spend the money all over to have to go through the same painful procedure. But, the sensitivity and bulge is driving me crazy. Steroids?

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