I recently had a question about signs and symptoms of a possible pseudo-bursa following a tummy tuck on my original tummy tuck blog.  Below is the question that Lee has asked and my reply to it.

“Lee said…


I had a tummy tuck over 2 years ago and have what I believe is a pseudobursa along most of my left side. I have been back to my doctor and he has injected it with some thing to break down the scar tissue as well as do a small fat transfer to break some of the skin away from the abdominal wall. That is all he said he could do and has pretty much blown my off. My sides is very painful yet numb and tingly to the touch?? Do you know of a good plastic surgeon in utah?”

Dear Lee,

Diagnosing a pseudo-bursa through examination and even with a CT scam can be  challenging especially if you don’t know what you are looking for.  I have learned over the years to listen to my patients story of how things progressed during their tummy tuck recovery and how they presently feel to assess the chance of a pseudo-bursa being present.  Once this decision has been the solutions for dealing with the pseudo-bursa are limited to surgical intervention.  Specifically, the greatest success at resolving the symptoms is obtained with complete removal of the pseudo-bursa.  Since this involves quite a bit of work it is often best to proceed with a  full tummy tuck revision and improve on all of the issues that may be present with regards to the tummy tuck result.  I do not specifically know any plastic surgeon in Utah that I have either worked with or have direct knowledge of their experience.  Regardless of who you see I would definitely ask if they have had experience dealing with removal of a pseudo-bursa following a tummy tuck and perhaps ask to speak with some of the patients that have been treated.

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