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I am 5 months post full tummy tuck and although my upper abdomen is still intact, my lower abdominal muscles seem to have have way again.

I can for the most part suck the bulge in, but with relaxation or bending over it protrudes again. It seemed to be very flat up until now, w the exception of normal post op swelling.

I did have wound complications just below my belly button which bought me a wound vac for 6 weeks.

My wound has been closed for 2 months now. Any suggestions on what caused this or how to fix it?

I’ve tried to make an appt and they can’t see me for another 3 weeks and I have been told it’s just swollen and it will take a year to go away. This was told to me over the phone.

Any advice is greatly appreciated!!


Dear Cassandra,

Repairing the lower half of the abdominal wall (re-tightening the muscles) can be accomplished alone or in combination with other tummy tuck revision procedures.  At its simplest, the scar from the wound healing issue you discussed can be excised (removed) and access gained to the lower abdominal wall.  Doing so is dependent on the looseness of the skin below your belly button.  The other option is to undergo a full tummy tuck revision.  In doing so the tissues all the way to the rib cage are freed.  This will allow the entire abdominal wall to be tightened appropriately, the scar removed, and the incision lowered.  The other issue you may want to evaluate is the possible presence of a pseudo-bursa.  This can sometimes masquerade as lower abdominal fullness.  If you would like you can contact my office and they can have you email photos and set up a phone consult.

All the best,

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