One of main concerns of many who are considering a tummy tuck procedure is the scarring.  The “hip-to-hip” incision that is common for the full tummy tuck procedure can be a daunting hurdle for some, but the quality of the incision as well as its location makes all of the difference.

With that in mind lets talk about the tummy tuck scar: quality of the tummy tuck scar, symmetry of the tummy tuck scar, and location of the tummy tuck scar.

Quality of the tummy tuck scar

The quality of the final scar appearance is impacted by genetics but also by how the incision was repaired as well as how the body was cared for during the recovery period.  To help create a well-healed incision the tension on the incision should be on the deep connective tissue (superficial fascia) and not on the skin.  Gentle handling of the tissue is also important and using suture that does not create as much inflammation can also help.

Symmetry of the tummy tuck scar

The shape and symmetry of the final incision is also an important part of being happy with the incision appearance.  Most of the symmetry of an incision is dependent on the design of the tummy tuck.  General body contour should be taken into account so that the initial and second horizontal tummy tuck incisions meet up to form a symmetric final incision.  At times, one part of the body will heal with a little more tightening than the other half which can partially change the incision shape but this is often rare and also often mild.

Location of the tummy tuck scar

This is perhaps the most important part of a good final tummy tuck incision.  The ideal location of the final tummy tuck incision varies from patient to patient but is often at the top of the pubic bone and curving gently to follow the outline of the bikini bottoms that the patient wears.  To accomplish this, the patients’ body type, skin looseness, and the type of clothing/swimwear they wear should be taken into account.  Doing so customizes the tummy tuck results and incision location for each patient.

So, if you are considering undergoing a tummy tuck and are scared about how the scar will look just know that a well-performed tummy tuck can provide a concealed, thin-lined, symmetric incision.

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