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I had a tummy tuck in sept. 2 days later taken back to theatre for haematoma then week later I got a seroma this was drained for 3 day taken 150 ml fluid.. Then the consulton fixed a drain and bag I had this on for 5 weeks collecting fluid.. It was then removed and few weeks later I got a lump above and around my belly button … I have had 2 scans and 1 ct scan its shows no fluid or hernia … The lump is full and hard and swells more on evening and is very painful to touch … Spoke to my consulton few days ago and he wants to do another scan ..please help this is effecting my everyday living… Also the tummy tuck is the worst I have seen I still have a lot of lose skin when I bend … I am now 5 months post op. Regards Donna

Hello Donna,

It sounds like you have had a rough go at recovery from your tummy tuck procedure.  From what you have described in terms of the hematoma, seroma, and prolonged drain use I am fairly certain that you have a pseudo-bursa.  A CT scan would show it but Radiologists are not used to looking for a pseudo-bursa and to them it may look something similar to scar tissue associated with surgery.  You do not need to have a seroma currently to have a pseudo-bursa.  The pseudo-bursa was formed secondary to the hematoma and seroma and even though those things are gone the pseudo-bursa will remain.

The good news is that this can be treated.  By performing a full tummy tuck revision, the pseudo-bursa can be removed and any revisions of the tummy tuck can be done at the same time to improve and optimize comfort and appearance.

If you would like you can contact my office via this website or via drrepta.com and they can set you up with a phone consult and arrange for you to send photos and possible a copy of the CT scan.

I hope that this helps.

All the best,

Dr. Remus Repta

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