Getting a thin and flat tummy without the “hip-to-hip” full tummy tuck incision.  This is what an endoscopic tummy tuck procedure can provide for those who are endoscopic tummy tuck candidates.

What is an endoscopic tummy tuck?

An endoscopic tummy tuck is a tummy tuck procedure that involves two very small incisions (a 2 cm incision belly button incision, and a 6 cm pubic bone incision).  Through these incisions the abdomen and sides of the waist are contoured with liposuction and the abdominal wall (loose muscles) are repaired and tightened.  A small amount of skin can be removed in a modified version of this procedure but a classic endoscopic tummy tuck involves no skin excision.


Who is a candidate for an endoscopic tummy tuck?

Men and women who have loose abdominal muscles but do not have loose skin are candidates for an endoscopic tummy tuck procedure.  When loose or damaged skin exists, such as patients with skin folds or stretch marks, a traditional tummy tuck is often needed to remove skin as well as tighten abdominal muscles.


What is the recovery of an endoscopic tummy tuck?

The recovery of an endoscopic tummy tuck is a little less than that of a full tummy tuck procedure since the incisions are much smaller.  The recovery associated with the repair and tightening of the abdominal wall with an endoscopic tummy tuck remains the same however.


How does the cost of an endoscopic tummy tuck compare to that of a regular tummy tuck?

The cost of an endoscopic tummy tuck is comparable to that of a full tummy tuck.  Although the incision of a full tummy tuck is longer and requires more work to surgically close, the endoscopic tummy tuck requires greater skill and precision to perform.


Do all plastic surgeons perform the endoscopic tummy tuck procedure?

The endoscopic tummy tuck procedure is not a commonly taught during plastic surgery training therefore few plastic surgeons have seen or performed an endoscopic tummy tuck.  The surgery is technically more challenging compared to a traditional tummy tuck and requires specialized equipment, thorough understanding of anatomy, and good technical skills to perform properly.


How do I know if I am an endoscopic tummy tuck candidate?

If your abdominal skin is in good condition–meaning there are few if any stretch marks—and there is abdominal wall weakness or rectus diastasis then you may be an endoscopic tummy tuck candidate.  A consultation with a plastic surgeon that performs endoscopic tummy tuck surgery will be the first step to determining if endoscopic tummy tuck surgery is right for you.

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