I had a full tummy tuck 2 years ago with 1 seroma drained twice. A year ago my tummy started feeling really tight beneath my bb, it feels tight and pulls and feels very uncomfortable . I had a scan and a 33×6 mm seroma. It’s very small so why is it a much bigger area that feels so very uncomfortable, it’s Fromm my bb and travels over the the right side and sometimes above my bb ? And what should be done ??? -Anonymous

Dear Anonymous,

The size of the seroma can be smaller than the size of the pseudobursa.  I have also found the the extent of the pseudobursa is often larger in real life than that depicted on CT scan.  Two years post- tummy tuck, I would have assured any one of my Scottsdale patients that their healing is almost complete.  My recommendation for you: if you have not seen any improvement in the symptoms of your abdomen following the tummy tuck by now, I would imagine that the pseudo-bursa will be quite stable.  The best option, most definitive and with the best result, would be achieved with the complete removal of the pseudo-bursa.  Below, I’ve included a video of what this removal may look like.

All the best,
Dr. Repta

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