Hi Dr. Repta

I’m 8mo post and my stomach stills looks the same as before without the stretch marks. My ps is telling me that this is the flattest my stomach is going to get so he won’t do a revision. He said he only thing that he can do is take the extra skin off from the laxity. I think that he is just saying that because he don’t want to do it. My stomach is still big and round. I think that my sutures came loose but he doesn’t. He is suppose to be doing scar revision surgery but my stomach still won’t be flat. Can I get a ultrasound to see if my muscles are still intact? How would I know if I have a pseudobursa? And how can I convince by ps to do a revision to tighten my muscles again? Thanks?


Hello Anonymous,

Thank you for the question! It sounds like your stomach is not as flat as you imagined it would be after your tummy tuck procedure. I have seen this with many  Scottsdale patients. There are a handful of reasons that this could be occurring:

-intra-adbominal fat
-subcutaneous fat
-loose abdominal muscles

Any one of these issues could be the source of your abdominal fullness but will require an examination and review of your tummy tuck before and after photos.  The good news is that all but one issue can be addressed.  All of the issues can be treated to give you a flatter tummy other than intra-abdominal fat.  On occasion, a CT scan may be needed or helpful but often an exam and discussion alone are all that is needed.  If you would like, feel free to contact my Scottsdale office to email photos and schedule a phone consultation.  This may provide you with some information and understanding on how to proceed next.

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