Dear Ros Red,

Although a tummy tuck or muscle repair performed at the same time as a C-section would save time it is not ideal.  In order to perform proper abdominal wall tightening the entire abdominal wall from xyphoid to pubic needs to be done.  During a c-section that section of the abdominal wall is not exposed.  After healing from your C-section an endoscopic tummy tuck can be performed which will tighten the muscles but not leave a large scar.

All the best,


Hello Dr. Repta,
What an informative article. I am about to deliver my third (and last) child, and unfortunately it looks like I will be undergoing a c-section due to the breech position of the baby. I have many concerns about this, and want to be informed now so I can possibly attain the most positive long-term outcome. 

I am athletic and have always maintained a healthy weight. I would like to preserve my stomach muscles as they have always have been, with full range of motion, sensation, and level of strength and toning. 

My question is whether the myofascial plication technique can be included within the post c-section suturing process, in order to “kill two birds with one stone,” so to speak. I do not think I would qualify as a candidate for a tummy tuck in the future; however, I would like to maintain the healthy physique I know I can have again. 

Thank you.

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